Evelyn Conlon

Evelyn Conlon is an Irish short story writer and novelist. A clear-sighted, observant and unsentimental thinker, her work is suffused with originality and wit.  She has been described as "one of Ireland's truly creative writers" who follows every kink in her imagination. Born in Co. Monaghan, she is now a resident in Dublin. Evelyn has been writer-in-residence in several countries, counties and at University College Dublin. She is presently Adjunct Professor and Mentor with Carlow University Pittsburgh MFA. 

A conscientious researcher, her 2010 talks in Australian Universities addressed the topic Corridors of Truth, what Fiction adds to History. This developed from her work on her last novel, Not the Same Sky, which deals with Irish Famine orphan girls, shipped to Australia.

Dear You, a short story about Violet Gibson, the Irish woman who attempted to assassinate Mussolini, has been published by Tratti in Italian. Minimum Fax translated her contributing story to Dubliners100, an anthology replying to the originals. The Guardian newspaper said, 'But if we were betting on the story Joyce would have liked most, my money would be on Evelyn Conlon's version of "Two Gallants". ' Telling, New and Selected Short Stories, was published as Short Classics in Chinese in 2018.

Evelyn has published three collections of short stories, My Head is Opening, Taking Scarlet as a Real Colour, the title story of which was performed at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival, and Telling, New and Selected Short Storyes. These have been widely anthologized and translated. Telling… has just been re-published by Books Upstairs, Dublin. She is presently working on a book about her writing life as well as completing her next collection, still titled Moving About the Place, due out in 2021.