Night tour of Clarke Quay

22 June 2023, Thursday

7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Night Tour

Nestled within a row of conserved shophouses, there  is a variety of restaurants and bars along Boat Quay which is perfect  for chilling after a day of meetings and networking. Sit by the  riverside and dine with a view, enoying our lovely  skyline and civic district.

Known for being the city’s biggest nightlife and  entertainment district, Clarke Quay is where you will find the hottest  night clubs. Remember to check out 3 of Singapore’s official national  monuments found along the river.

Opened in 1869, 1910 and 1929, respectively, the  Cavenagh, Anderson and Elgin Bridges date back to Singapore's  colonisation by the British. Cavenagh Bridge is the oldest surviving  bridge across the Singapore River, and is also one of only  two remaining bridges in the world built with the "Ordish-Lefeuvre  system", a type of modified cable-stayed bridge design (the other is the  Albert Bridge in London). Keen-eyed members of the public crossing  Cavenagh Bridge will be able to spot antique signs  at the end of the bridge prohibiting "any vehicle of which the laden  weight exceeds 3 cwt and to all cattle and horses".

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